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Exceptional Personal Training Studio

At the Training Station in Beaconsfield we have had an enviable reputation since our establishment  2005. Our Personal Trainer studio offers high-quality personal training and more advanced services, that draws in customers from neighboring areas such as Amersham, Marlow, Gerrards Cross, and Maidenhead. We are fortunate to have a team of highly qualified and experienced personal trainers who are equipped with the latest techniques and equipment to ensure exceptional standards for your training.

Senior Yoga Class

What We Do

Deliver Personal Training, Coaching, Nutrition Advice, Sports Psychology & more..

We can also  supply gym equipment for your home workouts as well as provide home & commercial gym designs for our clients.

Rehabilitation & Recovery


Injury rehabilitation and recovery refers to restoring function for injured individuals or athletes. The main objective of our rehabilitation is to facilitate a speedy and safe recovery, ultimately allowing for a return to normal performance.

Body Shape Change


Our bodies possess the inherent ability to naturally heal and lose weight, given the proper opportunity. Each individual is unique, therefore a "one size fits all" approach will not suffice for body transformation. We offer personalised training programs tailored to your specific needs in order to achieve YOUR physical transformation.

Training Juniors & Seniors


Our proven services aim to accommodate individuals of all ages and their unique needs. We take into account the age and circumstances of each client to provide personalised, safe, and efficient exercises, as well as  health and wellness coaching.

Fitness, Strength & Mobility


Maximising flexibility and mobility in short or tight muscles and joints is crucial for realigning the body. This sets the foundation for successful strength training and a resilient body, promoting functionality and overall well-being.


Years in Business - Delivering Results

7 Days

Open - 6am to 10 pm

-To Suit You


Long Standing PT Team- Some Since We Started, Experienced & Professional


Train all Ages, Covering a Multitude of Needs

Our Services

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