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Training Station @ Beaconsfield

Exceptional . Exclusive . P .T. Studio.


Our  PT Services

We offer a range of traditional personal training services from our Beaconsfield location, such as weight management / improving fitness & fitness targets such as Hyrox events or various challenges.

Personal Training

Body Shape Transformation


Your body has the innate ability to heal itself & lose weight if given the opportunity. We are all uniquely different, so when it comes body transformation, a "one size fits all" approach doesn't work.

We provide personalised training programs designed for you and your needs to transform physically.

  • Personalised 1:1 Training

  • Ongoing Mental, Emotional & Physical Support

  • Nutrition Guidance

  • Holisitc Approach

Stretching, Mobilising & Strength Training


Stretching & mobilising short / tight muscles & joints of the body allows the body to realign. Once balanced, successful strength training can commence and be achieved. Creating a Functional & resilient body

  • Postural Assessment

  • Stretching & Mobilising Prescription 

  • Functional Movement Assessments

  • Strength Training Prescription

Postural Assessment & Correction


By sitting & standing  with good posture, you will physically look 10 years younger & 10lbs lighter. Psychologically, good posture conveys poise & leadership. Assessing an individuals postural alignment allows for accurate prescription of stretching and strengthening exercises which results in improved Musculoskeletal health & balance.

  • Physical Assessment

  • Stretching & Mobilising Prescription

  • Postural Exercises

  • Holistic Recommendations

Injury Rehabilitation & Recovery


Injury rehabilitation and recovery is the process of restoring function to an injured person or athlete. The primary goal of rehabilitation is to assist in the recovery of an injury as quickly & as safely as possible, allowing for normal performance to be restored.

  • Injury & Postural Assessment

  • Prescription to promote healing, reducing pain & inflammation

  • Increase range of movement / mobility

  • Restore strength & integrate into functional movement

Junior & Senior Training


We are able to cater for all ages & their personal requirements. We consider each clients needs depending on their age and current situation. This results in delivering  personalised, safe and effective exercises, including coaching for their health & wellbeing.

  • 8-108 years old

  • Safe & calm environment

  • Age related, prescribed exercises

  • Coaching for confidence

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